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Five Fast Facts

Grass fed and pastured animals when compared with traditional grain fed feed lot beef has:

  • -less total fat
  • -more heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids
  • -more conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risk
  • - more nutritional density
  • - more vitamins and nutrients like vitamin E and beta carotene

ABOUT the farm

Take it easy.  It's what we try to do around here.  At the Greener Grass Collective we understand the value of slow growth.  It's a deeper value often overlooked in the search for progress, but certainly necessary in any real quest for quality and sustainability.  Here at the farm we are about slow food; food raised with sun and rain and soil, sure, but also with patience.  Our grassland methods of no-till and rotationally grazed farming allow for this approach while also allowing for optimal coexistence with natural soil and water systems.  Undisturbed, the soil microbiome is given the opportunity to thrive and live.  This also minimizes erosion, and coupled with our practice of manure composting, practically eliminates pollutive runoff traditionally associated with both cattle and swine farming.

There  has been as much effort poured into our impact as there has been into our final product and we think as you get to know us here at the Collective you will notice and appreciate the difference.  Our mission is to help folks get closer to their food by offering not only the fruits of our labor and that of our hard working friends & neighbors to the conscious consumer, but also by giving a good long peak behind the scenes.  Follow our farm blog and stay up to date with the goings on in the actual pastures and gardens you will be shopping from  by reading linked articles and scrolling our galleries.  Head to the farm store to see what's available or read on about the benefits of being a customer or member of the collective. 

CSA memberships

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership isn't required to shop .  

With our CSA model we are looking to gauge demand for local organics while offering customers access to not only wholesome products, but our farm itself.  Once you pick your share level you will qualify for $5 deliveries, 5% off other products from our farm store, and 25% off of event admissions!  If you run through your share before the year is out and would like more, no problem, you are locked in at the bulk rate that corresponds to your original share level.  You never have to worry about paying retail. 

You have the option to pay your share in full as an annual fee or month to month.  If paid in full you are obviously welcome to accept your entire share at time of purchase, however, you can also still elect to receive your share month to month.  This works well for folks without a lot of freezer space.  Shares will be delivered on the Monday closest to the first of every month.  Starting in June they can be picked up at our farm store as well. 

The meat shares will be balanced, roughly 40% ground with the remaining 60% an even mix of all steaks, roasts, with soup bones and organ meat available upon request (see our offerings on the farm store page). 

We are also offering seasonal mixed shares that will consist of a blend of several of our offerings from different times of the year.  For example, a nice summer season share might be some grilling sausage, natural casing wieners, or burgers with raspberries or cherries, spinach, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, honey…  The fall months will bring Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, late squash, canned salsa, carrots, perhaps a nice roast…  Winter shares would consist of a selection of all meats, frozen veggies, honey, jams, etc.  These are also good entry level packs for those looking to sample or perhaps those wanting to support multiple farms. 

All shares are listed and explained a bit below, but as always feel free to reach out with any questions!

Meat CSA Shares

How these will work: you will start with a list by pound of all the meat in your share.  You are then able to custom order each box from your list month to month.  As mentioned above if you run through your share and want more, you are locked in at your per pound share amount.

50# share - $325 annually or $29/month

100# share - $625 annually or $54/month

200# share - $1100 annually or $94/month

Premium Share* – 100 lbs - $1000/annually or $85/month

*Choose from a list of steaks, roasts, pork butts, briskets, ribs…

Snack Share** – 24# - $280 annually or $25/month

**Choose from snack stix, summer sausage, and natural casing wieners.

Contact us for details. 

Seasonal Mixed Shares

Share #1 -  $360 annually or $32/month

This share, depending on seasonal products, will be 4 to 8 lbs. per box.

Share #2 - $660 annually or $57/month

This share, depending on seasonal products, will be 8 to 16 lbs. per box.

Chicken - a -  Month

1 chicken - $140 annually or $13/ month

2 chicken - $270 annually or $24/month

Just like it sounds, one or two chickens per month.  This share can be added to another at a reduced rate. Contact us for details.